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About Us

Our Brand

ProXtone audio is a brand high-end audio equipment maker , which wrote on its flag to manufacture only high quality Pro audio equipment with great care regarding Innovation and quality control.
Product such as Portable PA systems and wireless microphones systems are in the head of the manufacturing progress and are the symbol for Proxtone’s strengths.

Product line

Portable PA Systems – PROXTONE – the “Air Series” / “Spirit Series”

If you’re in need for a powerfull portable PA speakers, the PROXTONE AIR series is the ultimate solution.

the Proxtone air series features countless modern additions which provides a full pakage of a PA system and mics.

The series is equiped with the latest and greatest , such as 2 High quality wireless UHF mics , innovative Bluetooth\SD card interface and powerfull speakers as well  of course.

Wide Variety

The Series includs many sizes of portable PA systems starting from 6″ with the Air100 and finish with a whopping 15″ PA system in the image of the AIR2000PRO

The wide selection of the Air Series promise us that no matter why we need the PA system , We can find the right one for us.

Karaoke time!

The Air Series is provided with 2 High quality UHF microphones , The mics are equiped with a special membrane which reduce noise and disturbance.

The powerfull Amplifier unit is a high qulity class D amplifier, with a DSP (Digital Sound Prossesor) the sound we get is fuller and cleaner than ever.

also within the system there is many Karaoke related features such as EQ ,PRIORITY mode and special effects such as Echo and Delay

Many Features and Extras

Like always connectivity is one of the most importent elements of a Portable PA system, The Proxtone Air Series is equiped with many connection options ,

Of course, We can plug a line in the traditional way by connecting a cable as always , But we can also connect The ProXtone Air Series to a line in by Bluetooth quite easily .

Other connectivity options that we got are the SD card and USB driver , Both as well as the Bluetooth connectins being controlled and viewed by the LCD screen which also control the Different modes we’re in.

Comfortable and Accessible

The ProXtone Air Series is ready to work and excite every where and every time ,thanks to the hard wheels and a trolly handle.

The Proxtone Air Series will provide you the optimal solution for the ultimate sound experiance

You will need nothing else in order to enjoy or entertain your guests if you got the brand new Air Series by Proxtone.